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Yesterday I received a set of Pennie McCracken’s oracle cards, something I was very much looking forward to.

Pennie had done a reading for me using her cards, off of her website (click above there for a look at a fabulous website) and I had to order a set for myself. The reading showed cards with deep insight, as though each card is a portal opening to new aspects of my life and myself.

So when my own set arrived, and I was on my way out for coffee, you can imagine…I couldn’t wait a respectable amount of time to get home, I had to rip the padded envelope apart there in the coffee shop with my bare fingers (no scissors around, and of course all that tape!) and start looking, fiddling, shuffling, thinking.

The cards are her own creation, as she is an artist (see her site for paintings and other items) and are larger than some decks. They must be shuffled from the side, not the ends, as in poker-style.

There are ten topic cards, addressing things like Family, Career, Health, Communication, and so on.

This morning, in the peacefulness of my home, I set out the ten topic cards and then shuffled the rest of the deck, took the top card and lay it on one of the topic cards.

After they were all done, I had ten sets of two cards each to read and think about concerning my day ahead. (Hey, I’m retired, I have time in the morning.)

When it came to Family, it told me to expand my horizons. Very puzzled, I said, What?? How can I do that?

Then I remembered people in my family I hadn’t seen for a long while, and immediately took my phone and sent one of them a text message. I felt a surge of excitement. Haven’t seen this gal for a long time. I’m looking forward to hearing back from her.

Communication told me there would be some deception happening today, either someone not being honest with me entirely or vice versa. This gave me food for thought.

Career? I got a shock. The card I’d pulled for Career had an image of horse racing on it…it’s time for me to take off and get out of the gate! Yay! I know exactly what to do!

How many tarot card decks have you ever bought that could open portals like this for you? I adore tarot cards and have decks all over the house. For forty years of my life, in addition to working, I professionally read cards, teacups, and past lives in my spare time. I set those things aside once I retired, but it’s second nature to keep tabs on my own and my loved ones’ lives.

This deck is like that movie…Once Upon a Time…the series of modern day fairy tales, adapted for today’s world. There are endless possibilities.

So I will leave you there and go make breakfast…and since Health told me to Let Go and quit letting my fears and insecurities affect my life choices, I know I had better have a sensible breakfast and get ready for this day, a day in which I open myself up to some things I am a bit nervous about.

This amazing day, promised by these amazing oracle cards, by Pennie McCracken, on her site, Endless Skys.

Go take a look….put your name in for a free reading draw! Experience her cards first hand!







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