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My publisher, Solstice Publishing, puts out short story anthologies at holiday times throughout the year, inviting its authors to send in stories for consideration. I thought about Christmas and asked my Editor if she had a short story collection coming up to release over the winter. After she sent me the deadline and details, I sat around for hours, pacing, muttering, looking things up, trying to think of a topic for a short romantic story suitable for a Christmassy theme.

Almost ready to give up and forget about it, I went out for coffee and asked the server what she might suggest for a Christmas romance theme.

“Well,” she replied, “I don’t know if this helps, but while I was away on holiday I spent a lot of time with my lovely little granddaughter. One day she said she wanted to find a recipe for pixie dust. I asked her what for, and she said, so I can sprinkle it on you, Grandma, and you can fly whenever you want to come visit us. You can just fly without having to come in an airplane. That way, you can come over to see us all the time.”

We talked about how sweet that was, and I told her she must be a really good Grandma.

I took my coffee and chose a quiet table off in a corner, sat down, took off my jacket and my glasses (which I can’t read with) and began to write a little story called The Love Potion.

Learning to write is a complicated endeavour. If you have something in your head and heart you are just gasping to write about, that’s one thing. At least you can get going easily. But trying to imagine a story out of absolutely thin air, that’s not so easy.

However, thinking about the loving heart of this little girl so far away, I got the idea of a brave widow with pretty red hair and a family far away in the U.K., and a lonely, divorced police detective whose wife had given up on the challenges of life with a police officer.

What brought the two characters together, you might wonder?

Well….the little girl in the U.K. brought them together…she found the recipe for true love and sprinkled it all over her Grandma.

Want to get the recipe? You’ll have to wait for the anthology to find out all the ingredients.

Oh! But which stories are accepted for the winter book hasn’t been decided yet! I have to wait to know my luck. I’ll let you know, but no matter whose stories are picked, be sure to look for Solstice Publishing’s Winter Holiday Anthology coming out soon.




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