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Sometimes, we need to buckle down and word harder and smarter. But sometimes, we need to stretch out in a favourite chair and lie back and let ourselves fall asleep for an hour or so. Really. In the middle of the day even.

There comes a time when we measure the hardship of pushing our body and mind to new limits against what it gains us. If we are the kind of folk who never take a holiday, never spend the money on self care, always pushing our envelope, we have to pause and take stock. Nothing in, nothing out. That’s reality. All the busy-ness in the world doesn’t accomplish a thing if there is no joy and no meaningful return over time.

Maybe it’s time to get in touch with our beloved and loving Angels. The ones appointed to support and guide us on our earthly journey. Remember that Angel, the one who gave you a little shove to go look out the living room window just before the pyrex dish you shouldn’t have used for popcorn on the stovetop exploded all over the kitchen in ten thousand tiny sharp fragments?

I remember that one. Never could remember what made me want to go look out the living room window at that moment. No reason for it. There was nothing going on outside that window at all. But when I went back in the kitchen, I couldn’t find the pyrex dish with the popcorn in it. It had vanished.

It took a few moments to notice the sparkling bit of glass all over the kitchen floor. And everywhere else.

I still get chills imagining what if…what if I had been standing there watching the corn pop on top of the stove when it exploded? I wouldn’t look like I do today and I might not even be here.

Then I wonder why I wasn’t saved from other situations, but allowed to go through them? When a simple warning nudge would have saved me. Saved someone else perhaps.

But the nudge didn’t come that time, or the other time.

Mysterious. But someday we will be shown the template for our lives, and we will see. Oh, that’s why that happened…

But maybe sometimes we don’t feel the helpful nudge from our helpful Angel…because we are so beat up, so tired, from pushing that energy envelope till one day, we can’t hear the whispered voice, feel the little urgent nudge.

And we are damaged in any of a variety of ways, damage that could have been avoided if we were slowing down. Taking our time. Looking after our fragile and mortal selves, our tired bodies and minds.

Have I been spending precious money on things that would have been better spent on a long weekend at a spa? Yes, I said it…a spa! Massage. Hot tubs. PRIVATE hot tub! In a beautiful room with a great view of mountains! Exquisite salads, pedicures, saunas, luxurious bathrobes and smart trainers and manicured gardens to sit in and…

What if I hadn’t spent that money on another training course, thinking of future income, or on a better computer or even, spare me the raised eyebrows, perhaps even on gifts to charities? When I myself, perhaps, am fast becoming a needy person, headed for a hospital gurney? What if I had spent that money on a holiday in Costa whatever, on a white sand beach with warm waves and picnic lunches from a hotel kitchen?

Not every day, of course, but more often than every ten years, okay?

Not everyone takes good care of themselves. In fact, a lot of us don’t take care of ourselves much at all.

Our guardian Angels can’t do it all, we have to do some caretaking too. So we hear the whispered voice of warning, of guidance, of suggestion. So we feel the touch on our shoulder from an unseen hand, trying to keep us from disaster or loss. Unnecessary loss.

Let’s make a choice today. When there’s a dollar bill with five different things pulling at it, let’s think of ourselves sometimes. And put our money where our mouth is…or our tired feet are..or our aching back. Yeah. Put our money where our aching back is. That’s a good place to start.

What has this got to do with writing Paranormal Fantasy Romance? I know writers who take pain killers every few hours every day of their writing lives. Because writing hurts. Typing for hours hurts. Writing stories by hand for hours day after day, it hurts.

The books you love, they don’t come free of harm or suffering. Nope. Writers need to think of themselves and take care of holidays, breaks, long weekends, massages, and recognize limits on their bodies and brains. Eyes that are gritty, dry, fatigued to almost blindness. Have you ever gone temporarily blind from too much use of your eyes in a short term high-pressure project?

I have.

Scary. When it happens, guess what? You go to bed, without books or movies or laptops, for a couple days. Bed rest, non stop, for as many days as it takes. To get your vision back.

And what a relief. When it comes back. And you can see right again.

You’d think we’d learn. But it’s so much easier to reach for a painkiller and keep on.

Pushing that envelope.

Let’s choose today, now, this hour. Self care. Nothing is worth breaking our health over. Not even a best seller. Really.


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