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While we can’t always be in love, in that illogical mad state of blind infatuation where we are hopelessly magicked away on clouds of delight at the sound of someone’s voice, or the scent of their clothing or the touch of their hand, we can absolutely remember in vivid detail what it FELT like to be in love.

While life wears us down like water on stone, changing the shape of our dreams and limiting the vision of what we dare hope for, the memory of deep, transformative romantic love lifts us back up there, to a time when all things seemed possible and the light in our soul glowed more brightly than anything before or since.

How can we get there…to that place of clear memory, that place where our breathing slows down, we close our eyes and drift away, remembering…

the touch of his hand…the smell of his pipe tobacco…the scent of his crisp, freshly laundered shirts, the hard glint in his eye when he looks at you, intention in every fibre of his being. And your own being responding with the urgency of surrender, the totality of blind trust.

Ah. To step outside the burdens of the world once more. To be in the remote, hidden place buried deep in our neurons. Before we discovered even one single thing we did not like, or approve of in the beloved.

When we were in touch with his essence; the core of who he really is, before the small daily irritants got in the way.

Romantic love is the only experience in life that offers that…a chance to touch the essential core of someone, to sense it, uncritically, generously, with huge embrace.

And is the one place where the predatory nature of the human male does not alienate or frighten the female of the species; when that hunger to possess is tempered with tenderness, intention tempered with desire to enthrall.

It’s perhaps been a while since you were enthralled, treated tenderly, looked at with the hard appetite of passion and desire.

But at any time of the day or night, through access to the world’s finest musical artists, you can enter the world of Love Songs. Crawl into your cozy place at night, or walk on the morning beach, or sit in a coffee shop with your ear buds in, and sink beneath the waves of stormy life, into the gentle arms of…

The Power of Love.

Lady in Red


Take My Breath Away

To Love You More

I Will Always Love You

Rolling In The Deep

Set Fire To The Rain

And all the other ones you’ve ever loved…





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