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Although romantic love is often set aside as a frivolity of life, the truth is quite different, as anyone who has loved and won or loved and lost, can tell you. Whether we face up to the constraints and joys that true love brings, or flee from it for any one of a thousand perfectly believable reasons, what we are really doing is either surrendering our power to our fears or moving through them to something new. That something will be packed with mysterious rewards and predictable perils. Whether we learn to sail, to develop athletically, to climb the deadly Himalayas, to write good poetry, or to become someone’s life partner, anything that offers new horizons and vast hidden properties and experiences, is a place where we stand our ground or back away. It all takes tremendous, invisible transformative courage and personal will.

Romance, much like the summit of Mount Everest, stands in the distance, always in our view, challenging us to do better, become more, stand and be counted. Be a lover, a good one. Be a wife or husband, the best kind. Be a mother or father, the most outstanding you can be. It’s all tied in together…all tied in to Love. Trust. Step out. Be transformed. Yes, it might hurt. But oh, you will be more, so much more, when you reach life’s best and final turning. And the basket of talents you bring to God at the end will be so pleasing…to both of you.

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