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The particular purpose of these exercises, called the Fifth Dimensional Meditations, is to do a piece of work which up to now has taken lifetimes to perfect. This meditation system is a jet plane which replaces the traditional covered wagon journey to high levels of spiritual consciousness.

The new 12-chakra system has been given for our use in this new Age, a period of over 2,000 years. We stand at the beginning of this, the last of three Dark Ages. To utilize this wonderful new system, you can carry out regular meditation exercises which are very easy to learn and use.

Buddhists spend lifetimes working to attain the Seventh Dimension, the Stellar body, the level of consciousness which these exercises will take you only days to learn and only months to perfect.

Your actual Body is composed of the meat body you see with your eyes, plus etheric-type bodies which are not meat bodies, but are made of etheric matter. Etheric matter is the state between Energy and Physical Matter.

We have a total of twelve bodies, including the Meat Body which can be considered by itself as a body, and also as a composite body made up of the visible body plus three etheric bodies, making four in total for the Physical Bodies.

There are four Mental Bodies as well, and four Spiritual bodies. We are not going to go into this topic much in this article. If you are eager to find out more about the twelve bodies, you can go to to Curtis Jackson’s website, at  and do a search for Twelve Bodies. There is a search window at the bottom right of the first page of the website.

The ultimate goal of these exercises is for you to transform your inner metaphysical bodies (the twelve bodies as above) so that you create and access your Stellar Body. This is achieved by pairing the chakras so that they ultimately fold back, leaving a large space inside your metaphysical bodies. This space is for your Higher Power to access and take up residence within you.

Your Higher Power has watched over you and waited for many, many lifetimes for you to reach this very day when you can access this simple and magnificent process to blast through obstacles to higher-level spirituality and attain your Stellar Body.

You will have questions as you learn and use this system. As you carry out these instructions, you will have some interesting experiences. Damaged chakras will heal. If your sexual chakra is damaged, it may cause you to experience sudden and unexpected climaxes during the healing process. Do not be alarmed. No one will realize what is happening, only you will. (Unless you tell them of course!)

Each person will have different experiences as their chakras heal, as you carry out these exercises.

I am offering two ways of doing the exercises here, a new way which Curtis Loys Jackson downloaded from the Akasha, using imagery of colored balloons and the original way given in his book A Course in Time Travel, which is available on Amazon in paperback or ebook format. (The ebook also has a Bonus section on Gravity.) In addition, you may use the musical toning method given within the original method.

Here are the ways of doing the Fifth Dimensional Meditation.

Assuming that you, the person reading this, are guiding another person, read the following, in a slow hypnotic fashion.

If you are doing this by yourself, then ideally, make a recording of your voice, slowly reading the meditation, or have another person read the script  to you, in a slow hypnotic way.

Most computers and cellphones have a convenient recording app already installed for your use. It might, for example, be called Voice Recorder and you will find it in the list of your programs.

Alternatively, if doing these exercises on your own without a recording, you may simply work through them patiently until they are second nature and you are thoroughly familiar with them.

1. Close your eyes. 

Picture a small balloon, about the size of a ping pong ball.

See this balloon, surrounding your heart center (indentation between the breasts).

The balloon can easily expand to any size.

Visualize the color of your balloon as your favorite green.

Visualize the color inside your balloon as a darker green.

2. Next, see your balloon expanding to encompass your heart, throat, and upper solar plexus (area just above the navel).

The colors are changing.

Now, see the color of the outside of your balloon, as a shiny blue.

See the color inside of your balloon as a nice pink (for women) or a dark yellow (for men).

3. Next, see your balloon further expanding, to encompass your mouth and lower solar plexus (area just below the navel).

The colors are changing again.

Now see the color of the outside of your balloon as a very dark reddish blue (Indigo).

See the color inside of your balloon as a bright yellow.

4. Next, see your balloon expanding further, to encompass your nose and the area just above your pubic area.

The colors are changing again.

Now see the color of the outside of your balloon as a shiny purple.

See the color inside of your balloon as a bright orange.

5. Next, see your balloon expanding further, to encompass the area surrounding your head (at the forehead) and all the way down to your pubic area.

The colors are changing again.

Now see the color of the outside of your balloon as a beautiful violet.

See the color inside of your balloon as a vibrant reddish brown (burgundy) for women, or a bright red, for men.

6. Next, see your balloon expanding to encompass the top of your head and all the way down to, and encompassing, the area just below your pubic area.

The colors are changing again.

Now see the color of the outside of your balloon as a beautiful ultra-violet (silvery grey).

See the inside of your balloon as a dark brown.

7. Next, see your balloon changing color again.

Now see the outside of your balloon changing to a shiny black.

See the inside of your balloon changing to a brilliant white…

You are now in the Void, outside of your body, observing a white ball of light. If you do not see the white ball right away, it is alright. It will come with practice.

Play with this for a while, and when you want to come back, just open your eyes…

A different way of doing these 5th dimensional meditations involves using a rubbing movement on your chakras. This way is taught carefully in the book A Course in Time Travel by Curtis Loys Jackson.

This was the first way he taught the meditations, and later on he was given in meditation the new way of doing them, using the analogy of a series of balloons. You can use either way. You can also use the musical notes method if you prefer which is given in the meditation instructions.

The 5d meds in their original form is on the website at


Mystics of old traveled from chakra to chakra, with great difficulty, in something the size of a golf ball. (It is a ball of consciousness, which we describe as the ‘Self.’ Almost everyone today possesses this ball of Self-consciousness the same way.) These Mystics sought a state of enlightenment and white light, purportedly found at the ‘Third Eye.’ Some found this elusive panacea after a lifetime of struggle and pain, only to find it to be a temporary discovery!

What they failed to realize was the nature of motion, in consciousness, (and the flywheel effect) that got them there to begin with. Meaning that in consciousness, once something is in motion, it has a tendency to continue forever. Simply put, they would reach the white light state, and just when they thought they had made it, they were forced into the next chakra on the ‘Wheel,’ depriving them of their prize.


In my search to correct this problem, it occurred to me (rather than moving from chakra to chakra) to try expanding the size of my ball of consciousness, by balancing paired chakras.

Not only did it work, but also (to my delight) it put me into automatic motion of consciousness that I realized was the natural motion of the inner workings of my being! It was like being on a multidimensional ride at Disney World!

THE ORIGINAL 5D MEDITATION (includes musical tones which also can be used instead of rubbing.)

Start the meditation by placing your dominant hand over your Heart Center at the center of your chest. (Your Heart chakra is not found at the actual heart area. It is instead located at the indentation at the center of your chest at the sternum, and extends out to about the size of a ping-pong ball in the average person.) Rest it there firmly until you feel warmth being generated. (Visualize a green flower opening).

Next, place your other hand over the top of your solar plexus until you can feel some warmth there.

Next, with your dominant hand gently tap your throat center (just below the Adams apple) this is to wake it up.

Next, make an opening gesture with your finger tips at the throat center. As you slowly widen your fingers, feel the increase of energy there. (Visualize your throat center as a blue flower opening up.)

Next, switch hands and, while holding your throat center open, make an opening gesture with your finger tips at your upper solar plexus (just above the navel), visualize your upper solar plexus as a gold (men) or pink (women) flower opening up. Also look for nice tingling feelings in both your throat center and the top of your solar plexus.

Continue this until any feelings of fear, anger, or anxiety have subsided. If you have a lot of fear or anger or anxiety, you might want to repeat the meditation whenever you can through out the day until the feelings subside and are replaced by feelings of well-being.

This may sound silly, but it helps to talk to your solar plexus. This is where your inner child lives. If you have chronic anxiety, then this would be a good technique to cultivate. While rubbing your upper solar plexus, say something like this: “I am here now and everything is alright. You don’t have to worry, I am in charge now and I will take care of everything.” Feel that part of you relaxing in trust. Another variation of this is to pat your solar plexus and say over and over, “You are a good boy (girl), I am here now, everything is alright.” This should greatly reduce the level of anxiety or fear.

Next, we stimulate the mouth center by toning the note of MI. As we sound the note Mi (ME) feel the resonate vibration reflect into the upper and lower solar plexus. This is a natural result, and should produce anything from good feelings to bliss in the solar plexus region. This is also good for calming anger. (Singing or whistling has long been used for calming fear.)

You can experiment with toning if you care to. DO vibrates the heart center. Descending scale, DO, TI, LA, where TI vibrates the upper solar plexus and can be used in conjunction with that meditation, for calming anxiety and fear. (Below is a chart showing the various tones and the related centers.)


(5) SO – CROWN 
(3) MI – MOUTH 
(2) RE – THROAT 
(1) DO – HEART


(1) DO – HEART 
(5) FA – PUBIC 

(You can actually feel these individual centers vibrate as you tone.)

Once you feel that the fifth dimensional heart center is open from the mouth to the lower solar plexus, visualize it as a powerful and bright shining and radiant white light that others can sense. Feel its radiance and increasing warmth easily melt your problems and illness away. Feel and see its healing effects upon you and all of those around you.

You can also stimulate the Mouth Center and the Lower Solar Plexus (just below the navel) by simply rubbing in a circular motion in either direction  the Lower Solar Plexus chakra while tapping on the slightly open mouth and keeping your hand there while stimulating the Lower Solar Plexus.

But it’s fun to use the vocal method and feel the vibration happening in your Lower Solar Plexus while voicing the tone with your Mouth Center, and also feel the beginnings of good feelings that come with this exercise.

Next, tap the spot between your eyes to wake it up. Do this with your eyes closed. Visualize a point of white light directly in front of you. When you have done this, gently massage the Orange Center (Splenic Center, in the center of your belly) until you feel both centers blend into and extend the heart center from the third eye to just above the pubic center.

The results of this meditation are very subtle and increase over time. It will safely give you access to focus and tenacity, while also infusing you with boundless but easy (almost invisible) energy. You will gradually feel an intensification of bliss and love. (Love is shared bliss.)

Next, with eyes closed, place both palms of your hands on the sides of your head just above the temples. We are now going to stimulate the Crown Center in the forehead area. Feel and see the energy from your hands stimulate this center. After a moment, slowly move your hands away from your head to a distance of between 6 to 12 inches depending on what feels best for you. As you move your hands slowly away from your head, feel and see the energy within the crown center begin to glow and vibrate. Feel the power hidden there begin to come awake.

Once you have done this to the best of your ability, feel the counterbalancing force of the sexual center begin to vibrate. Rather than feeling sexual, it should blend in with the other centers in the form of radiant power and good feelings. If you are not feeling anything, make sure that you are spending enough time opening each center, (see previous meditations) especially that your heart center is as warm as you can make it. (A circular or light scratching motion at the small indentation at the center of your chest will help warm this chakra up)

Find a spot at the very top and center of your head. By massaging this spot you will activate this center. This is the Prudent body responsible for controlling the energy flow through all 12 bodies. The prudent body, if malfunctioning, can produce inordinate fear and mental disorders such as paranoia. It also, in conjunction with the upper solar plexus, can set off anxiety attacks and bouts of reflux. (acid from the stomach backing up into the throat)

This body, when working properly with the other 10, (the reason we each have only 11 chakras instead of 12, is that the sexual center comprises two separate centers.  Red – Aries for a man, and Burgundy – Virgo for a woman), becomes what is called a conscience. It is counterbalanced (as its polar opposite) with the physical (meat) body whose center is called the Coccyx or Anal center, located as where the name might indicate. The physical body by itself, is bereft of even a personality. Without the benefit of the higher bodies, the physical body is concerned only with bodily functions. You probably know people who are overly preoccupied with their physical bodies. They usually have nick names like ‘Meat’ and ‘Vanity’.

We have seen each pair of polarized bodies as we have progressed through the meditation, but this polarity, of the Prudent and Physical bodies, is particularly unique in that both bodies interface with the void. The physical body interfaces with the outside 3D world. It is a physical boundary that keeps you from spilling out into space. The prudent body also interfaces with space, but it is with ‘inside’ space that is found to reside inside of your 12 bodies as ‘inner space’, a place separate from, but occupying, the same space as physical form.

In other words, it is a place in the same space as you occupy now, but as space where you do not (cannot) exist. When we observe the three dimensions of outer space plus the three dimensions of inner space, we have the Sixth Dimension, which we will examine in detail in the next Excerpt.

As was mentioned before, by massaging the Top of the Head center, it can be activated. There is a high pitched whistle associated with this center. You may or may not hear this whistle. You may also feel a localized pressure or energy at the spot at the top of your head.

Once you feel that you have sufficiently stimulated this center, (the Spiritual body) then become aware of the anal center. This will sensitize your physical body. The net result we are looking for is to expand the heart center to completely engulf the 12 bodies, extending from the most inner and highest vibrational to the most outer and lowest vibrational body. This is the completed Fifth dimension. Please do not look for anything spectacular to happen at this point. You may or may not feel any different. This doesn’t matter. There is nothing we want to use here at this time.

The Fifth dimension is the heart of the physical structure and is meant to be transcended intact.

We have not reached the point of ‘no return’ yet, and even at this greatly expanded state there is a danger of falling back in the form of the ‘Savior Complex’. In fact this is the most dangerous point, in this regard.

Remember that the Fifth Dimensional Meditation is designed to access fifth dimensional Christ consciousness without being trapped within it. The result is truly the difference between the covered wagon and the jet plane.



My email, if you need it, is:

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These are links to the books you will need and should consider buying, even if you only buy the e-book format, which of course is very affordable.
If you don’t have an e-reader, and want to order e-books, then you can download the Kindle app for free from Amazon and you find that on your Amazon page probably under Devices, which you find by clicking on Your Account at the top of the page there. So you can read e-books on your computer.
Here are the links to the books I am suggesting you will find useful:

A Course in Time Travel by Curtis Loys Jackson (paperback) and the ebook is available at:

Also, Proof of Life After Death, by Vanayssa Somers. The link is:

Very important also to energy healers, is Dr. Usui’s Handbook, which teaches the correct hand placements for various illnesses. Dr. Usui is the founder of modern day energy healing, his work is from the 1800’s in Japan. He shows the hand placements for diseases using the 7 chakra system, however, so you will need to adapt as you go, to the 12 chakra system. The link to his book is:

Finally, I strongly recommend you buy a copy of Diane Stein’s book, ESSENTIAL REIKI, the first book in history to put into print all the secrets of Reiki which the traditionalists from Japan kept secret for centuries. The link is:

If you want further great books on energy healing, I suggest you also look at books on Amazon by Barbara Brennan.

Best of luck and have fun with this.

Be sure to visit Curtis’ website and spend lots of time in there, learning and learning as the years go by.

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