DON’T YOU KNOW…THAT I’VE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH YOU…who can resist these words?

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Here’s one of my life’s favourite songs…forgot about this song for years and years. Last night as I was putting away the clean laundry, the words “Don’t You Know” flashed into my brain and I started to sing this wonderful song. My poor dog had to listen to it for about three hours before I finally fell asleep. This is one of those heart-opening songs that knock you out when you are a teenager. Only, I’m 71 now, and retired, and able to explore many new facets of myself and discover what I am capable of at levels I couldn’t find time for before. I’m more reaching for my Higher Self, asking for her attention, to help me develop more fully before I leave earth. I’m doing things with a more open heart and more courage and recklessness (although I’ve always been reckless and have been ‘recked’ on many a stormy shore as a result.) As I sang last night I kept wondering who I was singing to. I haven’t had a guy in my life for years, but I know what falling in love feels like. It dawned on me that the song had come flying into my brain after all these years because I am falling in love with myself at last. I am awed by myself, although still struggling with many issues of course, I am struck by my own courage, persistence, belief in the power of good and in my ability to help change the world…and also to change myself. So, here she is, Della Reese, singing a song worth listening to. Over and over again. With your hand on your heart. Loving and in awe of your own sweet self…and looking bravely for whatever…or whoever… comes next.

Songwriter Bobby Worth borrowed Puccini’s “Musetta’s Waltz” melody from his opera “La Boheme” and created a smash hit for Della Reese. This song was Della’s …

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