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Every once in a while, we experience one of those special, unforgettable days when the sun comes up on a whole new ‘thing’ for us. Something that breaks down our walls, opens new spaces for us in the world, shows us what’s inside of us that’s bigger than we ever realized.

Everyone has a few of these golden days. But they come after a lot of not-so-golden dawnings, and we all know about those.

Kathryn Acton-Rice, famous and wealthy romance author has become a household word in books and has more money than she can spend. However, her life is simple, and centers around her darling dog and her Author Assistant, her Chef, her Agent and whoever else she hires to help with her property and the handling her money.

She avoids men.

When Kathryn was fifteen, she was a victim of a home invasion and has never been able to be close to a man since. At the age of 32, she has never been kissed.

Then life conspires to break down her walls, in the form of a tall, handsome, red-haired news correspondent who sees in this quiet, shy brilliant woman the kind of person he might want to spend his life with. His first marriage behind him, Eric also has kept to himself, unwilling to involve himself again in the rocky business of romance.

One day, by chance alone, if there is such a thing, their paths cross for a moment and electricity sparks the air briefly.

When that happens, things change.

When life decides to load you down with gifts, you’d best just give in and accept them.

If you don’t, Lady Luck will have to find a way to get you to change your mind…and let lasting love in.

I wouldn’t fight Lady Luck. My money’s on her.

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