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Just a little FYI for anyone who remembers me complaining about my house and my cell phone both being haunted, a few months ago. Both mysteries have been solved. Like I say, just FYI.

A friend suggested I turn my cell phone off when I charge it, and that would clean out any old cookies or junk that might be in there making it behave like a crazy machine. She was right – my cell phone has entirely stopped going into my contact list and sending insane sputterings to whoever it picked via Text Message. All that stuff is stopped.

That was embarrassing and who would believe me when I said I didn’t send them any texts?? Then I had to explain my cell phone was haunted. Much better.

Anyway, that’s all ancient history now.

As to my home being haunted, that was because in the morning I got up to find all my window blinds were OPEN! Some ghost was opening my blinds in the middle of the night! AAGGHH. Except my pharmacist just happened to explain to me recently that one of the most troublesome side effects of my sleeping pills happens to be sleepwalking.

So the lights all came on. I guess I am the ghost who is opening the blinds in the night while I am, apparently, sleepwalking.

Oh who needs fiction when reality is so nuts.

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